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May 17, 2013
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Once, in a small village near the Sky Army, there was a boy, named Stephen.  To be more specific of his race and species;

He was a Squid Boy.

Yes, you heard me, a Squid boy .He had short, ink black hair with dark, blue eyes, and horrid, slimy tentacles shooting out of his back.  He lived in a small little squid village, in his little squid family. His father was in the Squid Army, along with his brother and mother. They had been on a mission for quite a long while.

As for him?

He was alone, with only one friend.

I don’t feel bad for him.

He had one friend and bullies constantly at his tail. Although he was more than strong enough to fight them, he found it was useless. They were like flies. They would never leave him, no matter what situation. Even though they constantly teased him, he always knew, through thick and thin, to look on the bright side, and to never feel bad for himself.  

       His only friend was a girl, a year younger than him, named Lilly. She had long, bright blue hair, and bright, shiny emerald eyes. She didn’t talk much, nor did she seem the least bit friendly.  However, she trusted Stephen with her life, and she was really kind to him. Stephen had a large crush on her, and he had that crush for the longest of time.

Of course, being squids, Stephen nor his friend could go to the Sky Army.  Lilly didn’t want to go; for she heard rumors that their leader, Sky, was an evil man who ate sushi every day, sushi made of small squid children. In fact, Lilly was terrified of Sky. However, though the rumors, one day Stephen got so curious of the bright Sky Army base that he ventured in to it.

The whole base was covered in lights that glistened and gleamed, and you could see kids his age practicing parkour inside. Laughter and training filled the air like happy and wonderful pixies. The best part was the gleaming Butter, wall to wall of the huge base. It was magnificent.

As Stephen tried to go inside, he was stopped by two guards, standing in the front of the entrance.

“Name?” one of the guards, dressed in butter armor and wielding a butter sword, demanded.

“I… I’m Stephen!” Stephen said, joyfully, but cowardly.

“Race?” The other guard, dressed the same as the first, said.

“I’m… A… Squi-“He stuttered, before being cut off.

“SQUID??!?!?” The guards screamed. “Squids are NOT allowed in, or near the Sky Army!”

“Oh, I didn’t know...” The little boy stuttered. A guard grabbed Stephen with a strong grip, and used a small walky-talky to call someone.

“SKY, SIR! SQUID! W-WE BELIEVE HE’S A SPY!!!” A guard screamed into the small device in panic, obviously not knowing what to do. Stephen’s eyes widened, did he say, Sky? As in the bad guy?  The bad guy that… ate little squids? He tried to choke down tears, for he knew what was too come, but as his eyes began to burn, he began to bawl his head off. He didn’t want to die. He was too young to be eaten by Sky! He struggled to get out of the man’s grasp, but he couldn’t get away. In several minutes, a man dressed in a gray suit and sunglasses appeared before them.

“This better be important, I was eating.  Where’s the Spy?” Sky asked, a bit arrogated. As he asked, he looked down at little Stephen, shivering and bawling. Sky looked at the guards, in confusion, and then looked back at Stephen and saw the tentacles on the small boy’s back.  Sky grabbed Stephen and said to the guards, “Don’t worry, I’ll handle him. You guys, uh, tell Dawn I’ll be back with her to finish our meal in a minute.” With that, the guards saluted sky and ran off to do Sky’s order. Sky looked at the little boy, angrily.

“S-Sir, I mean, uhh, Sk-Sk-Sky,“  Stephen stuttered, “Don’t eat me, I didn’t mean too, I mean, it’s just so neat looking over here, and, uhhhhhh…” Sky looked at Stephen for the longest while, not really knowing what to do.  He frowned, and set the boy down.

“Why are you here, squid?”Sky said, clearly irritated. “You shouldn’t be here, you know. And why the heck would I eat you? You’re not even completely a squid!”

“No, I don-I mean, didn’t know,” Stephen said quietly, “I didn’t know at all. And, that’s a story that’s spreading around the Squid Army, you eating us… and stuff…”  Sky looked down, whispering something too himself.

“Those damned fucking squids, if I ever get my hands on their leader, I swear to god, I’ll…” But he stopped, and he saw Stephen crying, tears coming from his little blue eyes. Sky sighed, and smiled a bit.“I’m not evil… here; I’m sorry for the trouble, now, please leave before something happens.” Sky handed Stephen a small butter nugget, and left. Sky made sure not to give the boy too much, in case he was a spy. However, he figured the small boy wasn’t, the Squids were too dumb know emotional appeal.

As the years went by, the boy changed, from innocent too smart and strong. He soon became fifteen. Although he was still bullied, he still didn’t care, they were just useless bullies. His butter nugget brought him much joy, and hope, hope that maybe one day he’d be smart enough to go into the Sky Army.

I don’t feel bad for him.

As the times got brighter, it suddenly took a plunge into darkness. Stephen and his friend, Lilly, were stuck in a war, between the Sky Army and Squid Army. Heads rolled, blood and tears covered the battlefield, and Stephen’s family was killed in battle. He was devastated, and stuck on what side to choose. That was when, the Sky Army invaded his hometown, burning everything he knew to a crisp. Screams and hollers of pain filled the air, and Stephen as Lily ran for their lives. How could Sky be doing this? WHY would Sky be doing this? He said he wasn’t evil!  Was he, lying?!? Why would he, out of all the people, be… lying? He seemed so respectable and, kind.

Stephen even got a glimpse of Sky, standing there,in the middle of the battle,

laughing, covered in blood.

Stephen grabbed Lilly and tried to get her to find safety with him, but Lilly refused to go and ran too save her family, although they were long gone. He tried to run after her, but he was so afraid of his own shadow that he couldn’t. And, eventually, he heard her painful, scream. She was gone. His one love, gone. Everything, gone.  He ran into the water, trying to avoid the arrows flying past him. He dove into the murky, misty lake, and sat down there for what seemed hours on end, slowly waiting for this heartbreaking nightmare too end. And, soon he passed out.

When the horrible nightmare was over, he woke up, swam to the surface, and looked around. The moans and screams of pain had ended, and they were replaced with the silent, horrifying sound of the night. Bodies lay everywhere, with arms and legs twisting ways he could never imagine. Mostly squids were on the floor, eyes wide open, blank stares on their dead faces. Why…how did this horrid scene form? The place he once called home was now decorated with… horror and bad memories. But, although all the bodies, Lilly, not even her body, was anywhere to be seen.

Stephen realized that, in his horror, Lilly had to had been captured. He ran as fast as he could, without another thought, through the horrid scenes of the bloody war zone, to the Sky Army, to save his love. Once arriving there, he began to pant, and catch his lost breath. He looked up, and at the Sky Army entrance, was a man, no, more a thirteen year old boy, with blonde hair, and a ripped up jacket. He was obviously a part of the Sky Army. As he looked closer, Stephen saw that next to that man, was, in fact, Lilly. He thought she had been taken captive, no, she had amnesia, no, that man was bribing her!!!

He thought that, until he saw her smile, and take the man’s hand, thanking him. Stephen was outraged, and confused.  What was happening? Why was Lilly, out of all the people, hanging out with that… that… MURDERER?!?!? He, along with three million others, were psychos. Was she desperate enough to go with him? As he was about to run to get her, the blonde haired man and Lilly walked into the Sky Army, and the doors closed behind them. Stephen ran up to the doors. He banged and pushed on them, screaming, pulling out his hair, but as lights came on, saying they knew he was there, he quickly ran away.

He ran back to the only place he knew, the old, destroyed town. He went to his house, now a burnt down frame. He found his butter nugget in a small beat up chest, and stared at it for a long time. That, the thing that once dragged him out of insanity, dragged him in. He sat there, his head sinking into his shoulders, screaming as loud and high as he could. What was happening? He thought. Do I deserve this because I’m half squid? I did nothing, help me, help me, HELP ME!  

Lilly, never came back. Days went by, months, each longer then the last. The bodies started to decompose, and a dreaded smell of rotten flesh filled the air. Stephen never forgot, he tried, but no matter what, there was a voice in his head, telling him to rip Sky’s head off, and to rip the blonde haired man to shreds, no, to torture him until he was on his knees. That’s it, they needed to suffer… they needed to watch their own organs being ripped out of their little bodies… rip by rip. He would win Lilly back… hehehe…. Yea… she’ll love him…she will…

He’s now living alone in an endless nightmare, an endless limbo.  He doesn’t want to find the other Squid Army members, but he wants to find Sky. He wants to find that man. He wants to find his love, who he still is thinking about, who he still believes was forced into the Sky Army. He plots, alone, in the dark. Many reading this would feel bad, maybe because of the little innocent boy that was once in that now heartless body, the boy that’s screaming to get out. Maybe it’s because you know when you see a squid; you think to yourself, it’s useless and dumb, with no purpose, unlike the other mobs. Or maybe, it’s because you know the pain he went through, the hours of being dead inside after that. Maybe because his love is gone, or because someone you knew and loved did this. I’ll never know. But I know one thing;

I don’t give a damn. I don’t—and never will—feel sorry or bad for that little, idiotic squid who will never amount to anything. I hate just standing in the same room with him, his stupid confidence, his damn ugly face. He disgusts me.


Because I was always taught to never feel bad for myself.
WOAH, FIRST FANFIC. :iconwoahplz:

Also, read this if you have already read the story, or you don’t plan on reading it. It’s four pages.
Now, I have some explaining to do. One day, while reading Shattered Memories *also a Skydoesminecraft fanfic. >u<* I found a huge war in the comments about the main character, Jackel. Apparently, because of his bad childhood, everyone feels bad for him. This kinda got me thinking, if a character was designed for you to feel bad for him, does he feel bad for himself?

I also began to think about this whole, ‘squid’ thing. Does being a squid automatically make it a bad character? I’m thinking WAAAYYY too into this.

I have to say, although all the time I put into this, I’m not satisfied. I feel I did something wrong. I was aiming for something that messed with your mind, but I went WAAAAYYY of track. I also feel I couldn’t really make the reader feel bad for the character. Damn it. Any criticism is very much appreciated. Thankies, and bye. :meow:
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